Daiwa Freams 2500A

Weight: 265g
Ball Bearings: 4
Ratio: 4.8:1
ømm/m: 0.28/155
Retrieval: 72cm
Add.spool: +

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112,99 €


Front drag reel with Mag Sealed body and UTD drag system

With the Freams A the DAIWA engineers succeeded in integrating the innovative Mag Sealed technology in a cheap price range. The Mag Sealed construction in combination with the aluminum reel body ensures a permanently soft and smooth running and an optimal fixation of the gear – due to the sealing of the axis, no water or dirt can reach the gear – thus the life span of your reel, especially when fishing in saltwater, is extended distinctly.

The UTD drag system works smoothly and cares for optimal safety during the fight with the fish, especially when thin braided lines are used.

With the Freams A you get a real high-tech reel according to Japanese standards with a great price-performance ratio.

  • HARDBODYZ® aluminum reel body
  • MAGSEALED® body construction
  • 4 ball bearings
  • UTD drag system
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse®
  • Cross Wrap™ system
  • Silent oscillation system
  • Twist Buster® II line roller
  • CNC cut aluminum handle
  • ABS® II aluminum spool
  • Aluminum spare spool
  • Longlife bail spring
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