Wobbler Lucky John Pro Series BASARA 56F, 56SP

Model: 56F 56SP
Action: floating suspending
Length: 5.6cm 5.6cm
Weight: 3g 3.5g
Depth: 0.3m 0.7m

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8,10 €

A series of fusiform wobblers of twitch-bait class that are manufactured in the following sizes: 35, 40, 56, 70 and 90 mm. Two buoyance modifications are represented in each size group, except for 35: floating and suspender. 35 mm size is available only in floating version with an enlarged dropping blade (LBF). Due to MCS system, all of the BASARA Series wobblers have excellent flying properties and allow highly aggressive reeling with the lure. The main angling target: any predatory fish.

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