Wobbler Lucky John Pro Series ANIRA 39LBF, 39LBSP

Model: 39LBF 39LBSP
Action: floating suspending
Length: 3.9cm 3.9cm
Weight: 2.5g 3g
Depth: 0.6m 0.8m

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7,95 €

If you need a lure for angling predatory fish in shallow water, ANIRA series of wobblers will be the best choice. Wobblers have stable intense small-frequency playing. They are perfect for any type of reeling: steady or jerking (twitching). The lures are manufactured in 39, 49, 69 and 89 mm sizes and only in the suspender version. The smallest size – 39mm, has an enlarged dropping blade (LBSP). The lure shows the best results in shallow still water bodies or water bodies with slow current. During the pauses, the lure remains in one place, thus provoking the predatory fish to attack. Due to MCS system, all of the ANIRA Series wobblers have excellent flying properties and allow highly aggressive reeling with the lure. The main angling target: perch and pike.

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