Wobbler Lucky John Pro Series LUI PENCIL 98

Action: Top Water
Length: 9.8cm
Weight: 8g
Depth: ---

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9,95 €

LUI PENCIL 98 is a classic walker, which can be used for angling in shallow and densely overgrown places of rivers, lakes and water reservoirs, where the use of other lures is irrational. These lures are mainly distinguished by their behaviour on water – due to the shape of its body and the balance specifically designed by Lucky John specialists, LUI PENCIL 98 easily glides on the surface, smoothly moving from side to side and drawing an imaginary snake on the surface of water. Such behaviour of the lure attracts even passive predatory fish hiding in the water. By using the system of fixed balls inside the walker, Lucky John company has managed to achieve perfect flying properties of the lure. Powerful qualitative triple hooks manufactured in Japan allow for reducing the possibility of hook pulls to the furthest extent possible.

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