Wobbler Lucky John Pro Series VIKARA 62

Action: sinking
Length: 6.2cm
Weight: 13g
Depth: 1.0-5.0m

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8,20 €

VIKARA 62S is a lure with an eyelet for fastening the fishing line to its back is distinguished by the absence of a blade and a high profile of the body. Sinking wobbler. Its length is 62 mm and weight is 13 grams, and it allows angling at the depth of up to 5 metres. The wobbler has high-frequency swings of the body during guiding and a loud noise system, which attracts the fish in muddy water. The body of the lure features a chamber with metal balls, which create rhythmic sounds by hitting the walls of the chamber during movement, which the fish is unable to resist. A blade-less design allows angling the fish, using different methods of guiding from steady to gradual, thus enhancing the possibilities of the lure. The lure is equipped with high-quality hooks made in Japan.

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