AQUA M-3 (new) 100mm, color 015

2,99 €

The AQUA M-3 New is a successor of the legendary M-3 model which used to be in production for 20 years, almost since the day of the company's foundation. A secret of the lure's unique catching capacity lies in a right design of its shape which is very close to a little fish. The M-3 Model not only inherited all the strengths of its predecessor, like well-shaped gills, pectoral fins, scales pattern, stable vigorous action, but improved it considerably. One of the innovations is the new shape of the diving lip. The lips like this are usually used with Shallow Runner (SR) marked models. This stepped lip allows the lure to fight the current in a more efficient way and perform well at any retrieval rate. The exterior became more detailed and varied in form. The older model's aluminum foil is replaced with a holographic light reflecting film. The new model is fitted with 3D eyes. The plastic body contains metal balls which increase a casting distance and stabilize the action on retrieve. The M-3 New is equally good for trolling and casting.

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