AQUA PE ULTRA ELITE Z-8 Olive 0,12mm 135m

Color: Olive
ømm: 0.12mm
Test: 7.80kg
Number of filaments: 8

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8,49 €

This braided fishing line is made of eight basic strands, having a perfectly smooth surface and a circular cross section that leads to the reduction of contact area with rod guides. These qualities facilitate line's coming off of the spool that results in longer casting distance. A patented "DEEP SOLDERING SEA" treatment, special coloring method (with an additional saltwater corrosion resistant coating) and AACP coating (Anti-Abrasive Coated Protection) protect the braided line from any adverse mechanical action and increase its durability by 60% both in fresh and salt water. This braided line is available in a wide range of sizes: from 0,14mm to 0,60mm. that make it an ideal option for fishing with any kind of tackle: from ultra-light to mighty trolling.

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