38-03 Seox Puppy 3.8cm 0.4-0.9m 4g

Code: 38-03
Action: floating
Length: 3.8cm
Weight: 4g
Depth: 0.4-0.9m

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6,59 €

Despite of having the size only 3,8 cm and pretty appearance, “Seox Puppy” wobbler is believed to be an unstoppable fishing monster: perch, river or brook trout and pike at the places with shallow depth -- that is not the full list of predatory fish, who with a full power has attacked this tiny at the first sign wobbler without minding the trap. “Seox Puppy” wobbler bring so crucial and necessary diversity to the modern styles of catching the fish, hence this device will enliven your angling process. It is preferably to find the ultralight tackle to this wobber in order to reach the harmony; nevertheless, “Seox Puppy” bait can be used without such supplementary device.

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