SEOX Rocket 12-14 4,5g

2,79 €


“Rocket” spinner is said to be a classic among Seox production.

This bait is suitable to the fishing not only at the places with strong water flow but also at the places with standing water. The blade of this bait diverges at 45 degrees in relation to the body of bait, thus twisting of the fishing line in case of fishing at the river is prevented and it is possible to use “Rocket” spinner at the lakes, as well.

This type of bait is multifunctional, since it can be used in order to catch the all types of fish; nevertheless, angler should carefully choose the appropriate size of bait. It depends on species of fish, which fisherman are going to catch.

If some kind of herbivorous fish, such as carp is the main goal of fishing, first the size of the bait is recommended. Moreover, trout of moderate weight is believed to never skip the charming gleam and rotating of the first size of this bait.

The second and the third size of bait is designed for them, who is going to catch some predator fish, for instance perch and pike, whereas the fourth and fifth size of bait is suitable for the catching the trophy specimen with incredibly big dimensions and weight, however, a predator of moderate weight is also might be caught using the fourth and the fifth sizes of bait.

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