04-10 Seox Tommy 14cm 4-5m 57g

Code: 04-10
Action: floating
Length: 14cm
Weight: 57g
Depth: 4-5m

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11,99 €

The “Seox Tommy”, which is thought to be an classics among wobbler-baits, has a stable algorithm of movements and gleaming, an excellent perfect shape and a wide variety bait colouring for the different weather conditions and anglers habits. Tommy with the size of 14 cm is mainly used in terms of tracing, and it is possible to use it in throwing at the bays in case of having enough big and worthy being catched fish. According to the data about practical usage of this type of bait, it was actively attacked by predator fish even despite of having enough other feeding and relative saturation. The “Seox Tommy” wobbler is reported to be a one the best types of bites amount The “Seox” company production.

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